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Snow, rain, strong wind and temperature drops in Crete

by Erno » 28 Nov 2018, 11:30

Snow, rain, strong wind and temperature drops in Crete - 28 November, 2018


Today, Wednesday continues to be the first phase of the unsettled weather in Crete, due to the barometric low that began to affect us from Sunday night. Rain showers are expected in the region, and in the following hours local storms will occur, mainly in the western and southern regions. However, heavy rainfall will be noted in the easternmost parts but possibly less intense. The south - southwest winds continue to blow in the regions of Crete as well as at sea, with their intensity reaching 4 - 5, locally up to 6 Bft. The temperature is kept at good and relatively high levels with its peak reaching up to 21° C.

However, the second phase of this bad weather, which seems to start from the early hours of Thursday, originally from the western parts of Crete, will sooner or later extend to the east, gradually affecting the whole of Crete. During this second phase, the barometric low moves from Wednesday night to the east to the Eastern Mediterranean, while at the same time a barometric high descends very quickly from the North, accompanied by a colder air mass and restoring in the Aegean Sea and Crete a very powerful North stream. Due to the collision of these systems, initially in the western parts of the island, very heavy rainfall and intense storms are expected from Thursday morning in the western parts of the island. This period will have some duration and depending on the barometric low, it will move gradually eastwards. High attention needs to be paid during the intense weather events.

The northern gale force winds will also start from the early hours of Thursday to initially affect the western regions and then prevail throughout Crete as well as in the Aegean. Their intensity will be 6 to 7, locally up to 8 Bft (the maximum bursts will exceed 9 Bft). Due to the very strong North winds, high waves are expected to form in the northern coastal areas of Crete. The temperature will fall to much lower levels and this drop is expected to be felt more strongly on Friday. Due to the cold invasion snowfall will occur in the mountains with an average altitude of about 1300 meters, but not entirely without snowfall occurring at lower altitudes.

The weather of this northern stream with rain showers, in the northern parts of the island strong, with the strong Northwest and the high waves in the northern coastal parts of the island will be preserved on Friday. Of course, the temperature will drop as well throughout Crete and especially in the hinterland and mountain areas.

From Friday night, we expect a gradual recession of the bad weather and a weakening of the North wind, expecting a better weather on Saturday with only a few clouds in the mountains, while the North winds will drop to 3 to 4 Bft and the high bursts will gradually recede. However, the temperature will be quite low for Saturday morning hours.

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