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New projects in Sfakia in preparation

by Erno » 21 Nov 2018, 09:02

New projects in Sfakia in preparation - 21 November, 2018


Developmental issues and funding of approved studies were examined at yesterday's meeting of Stavros Arnaoutakis with the Mayor of Sfakia, Giannis Zervos. The Vice-Governor of Crete, Nikos Kalogeris, Deputy Mayor of Sfakia, Giorgos Protopapadakis, and the legal counselor of the Municipality Manousos Kontarakis also participated in the meeting at the Regional office.

In particular, the Regional Governor signed the financing for the implementation of the program agreement between the Municipality of Sfakia and the Technical University of Crete concerning:

-The maintenance and promotion of E4 paths from Agia Roumeli to Hora Sfakion and the vertical routes

-Interventions for the preservation and promotion of the history of the castle of Agia Roumeli, the castles of Loutro and Agia Katherini in Anopoli

-Development of the Seimeni house in Anopoli, the "Xenoudaki" building in Imbros, and the "Bikouvaris" building in Askifou

Also, the demands of the Municipality of Sfakia for the financing of the construction of three 5x5 playgrounds in the local communities of Askyfou-Hora Sfakion and Anopoli were discussed. The financing of an approved study for the restoration of the settlement of Loutro and the local community of Anopoli was also discussed.

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