Final Sfakia Report, Nov 7-9 Everything you want to ask, read or write about Sfakia, southwest Crete, or Crete island in general.

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Final Sfakia Report, Nov 7-9

by Jean » 09 Nov 2018, 07:19

Wednesday morning was sunny and warm (again!). At the Faros café, they took their large pot plants home for the winter, removed a large proportion of their chairs and tables, and loaded up the beer dispenser, coke and ice cream refrigerators for storage at the warehouse.

Faros packing up.jpg
into storage.jpg

We swam both at Vrissi and at Frangokastello, enjoying having the beaches almost exclusively to ourselves.

It was the last evening the Lefka Ori restaurant was open, and we saw it out in grand style by celebrating Pete’s 75th birthday there with our foreign and local friends. Many of the Sfakians hadn’t had a chance to talk to each other much during their busy season, so they enjoyed catching up with each other’s news.

Thursday also started warm, but became partly cloudy, with dark clouds threatening over the mountains. It was the feast day for the church of Archangel Michaelis in Aradena, and 6 bus-loads of people went up to the church for a service and meal, then descended noisily on Sfakia for coffees and a stroll in the sun.

The Lefka Ori restaurant started the long process of taking down the sun shades, storing all the tables, cleaning the kitchen, and getting everything ready for winter. The Delfini, Nikos, and Mesohori restaurants normally stay open all winter.

packing up.jpg

We were treated to another beautiful sunset at the Faros, but we could see a storm front slowly making its way from the northwest as several locals went out to fish.

last sunset.jpg
storm moving in.jpg

Indeed, during dinner on the Delfini terrace, lightning flashed out to sea, then a thunderstorm rolled in and we had to escape inside. The rain let up after a reasonable interval, but during the night and early morning we had more rain.

Even though it is cool this morning, the sun has obliged by coming out for my final swim before departure, with a bonus view of a rainbow reaching down to the Loutro headland. The weather has been so wonderful this autumn that I was able to swim every day since we arrived on October 7th.

Over the winter there are plans in the village for various building renovations in addition to the Samaria rooms, so we eagerly await the spring to find out what changes have taken place. Maybe the old harbour will finally get its new lighthouse. Most of all, we will be looking forward to seeing all our friends back here next year.

Kalo xeimona, me ygeia!

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Re: Final Sfakia Report, Nov 7-9

by Erno » 09 Nov 2018, 08:15

Thank you very much Jean for all your wonderful reports here this Autumn. It was a great joy to read them and to admire your great photos. It feels like I am leaving Sfakia now for winter too!

Good trip and good winter to both of you.
All the best,


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Re: Final Sfakia Report, Nov 7-9

by deadeggs » 09 Nov 2018, 09:13

1.000 thanks for bringing the south of Crete into our homes in northern Europe. It's sad that your reports and superb photos will stop. We are eagerly awaiting your return next spring. Have a safe trip and a good winter season in northern Europe. Again 1.000 thanks. That = 1.001 now. Best regards.

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Re: Final Sfakia Report, Nov 7-9

by arnulf » 09 Nov 2018, 11:33

Thank You again for Your wonderful reports!

I wish You a safe journey home and a good winter!!

All the best


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Re: Final Sfakia Report, Nov 7-9

by tigermaple1855 » 09 Nov 2018, 18:13

Thanks Jean. It is great to hear the current news and see your pictures of the hikes you do.

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Re: Final Sfakia Report, Nov 7-9

by Wolfgang » 09 Nov 2018, 20:08

Dear Jean,

many thanks for your beautiful insider reports!
It enabled to strech our holidays and to have more sun at home.

And your cat-photo: Since decades of years I tried to get a super-photo of a cat (very popular) together with sundown (very popular) - in vain.
You got the combination. Three cheers and a tiger !!!

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Re: Final Sfakia Report, Nov 7-9

by kiki » 10 Nov 2018, 11:51

Thanks again for your interesting reports and your beautiful pictures !

It meant an extension of our holidays and I have learned some new interesting things about Sfakia and surrounding .

Looking forward for the next stay in Sfakia ,

best regards from Sabine

P. S. The book "In Sfakia" I have read the second time now and gave also one as a present to friends , they like it also a lot :D
So thanks to your husband also :) !!

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