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Sfakia report, Nov 6th

by Jean » 07 Nov 2018, 06:55

The morning was warm and sunny again. Having watched the Samaria load up for its trip to Loutro and Gavdos, we walked to the new harbour for a taxi-boat excursion. More boats have been taken out of the water for the winter, and the Neptune is also parked there until the spring.

boats up for the winter.jpg

Stavros took us along the coast to Marmara for a view up the gorge and into the caves and then dropped us off at Finix. A few tourists were swimming there, but unfortunately for us the restaurant was being painted, so we had to continue on without our anticipated refreshments. The owners have cut back their tamarisk trees above the beach, but their bouganvillea is still in full bloom.

Old Finix taverna.jpg

We walked slowly back to Loutro along the lower path around the headland. There was a patch of delicate autumn narcissus just after the last hotel, and lots of little marigold plants lined the path. The goats were too busy munching on lentisk leaves to bother with our presence. There is a Roman-era barrel-vaulted tomb on the headland (thanks, Mary, for the information), but we always wish we knew more about the age of the different groups of ruins along this path.

Roman barrel vault.jpg
Sfakia from Loutro headland.jpg

We had hoped to find a café still open in Loutro, but even though there were some chairs and tables set up outside the Daskalogiannis café, the door was shut and the owner was not in evidence. A few people were carrying out final cleaning jobs in other tavernas and hotels, but no one was serving even coffee (but we were told the little kiosk in the middle is open in the late afternoon for cigarettes and biscuits). The Kyma hotel on the far side is being gutted and renovated, so we didn’t want to linger long with the sound of building work echoing across the bay.

Loutro empty.jpg

Two of our party waited for Stavros to pick them up in Loutro in the taxi-boat, and two of us walked back to Sfakia via Sweetwater beach. It was very hot on the path, and we stopped in the shade of one of the few carob trees to cool off a bit. By the time we reached Sweetwater, we were ready for a swim and threw ourselves into the sea. There were two other people on the beach, but as we swam out, watching vultures soar overhead, the only sound was the sea lapping on the stony shore. Some swifts danced over the water catching insects.

Sweetwater beach.jpg

We were relieved that some light clouds came over as we made our ascent from Sweetwater to the road. Just above Sfakia where the sheep pen is, we caught sight of the new lambs we have heard bleating for the past several days.


There was another gorgeous sunset at the Faros café, where they were celebrating Josephina’s 4th birthday. A northerly wind started up, but some tourists still had their dinner out next to the sea.

another beautiful sunset.jpg
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Re: Sfakia report, Oct 6th

by arnulf » 07 Nov 2018, 10:18

Hello, Jean!

Must be special to be almost alone in this area - and warm and good weather!

Thank You for Your reports! November in Norway feels much lighter readin Your reports!

All the best


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