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A 6.1R earthquake shook Chania

by Erno » 27 Nov 2019, 08:09

A 6.1R earthquake shook Chania - 27 November, 2019


A very strong earthquake shook Chania at 9.24am.

According to preliminary data, the intensity of the seismic vibration is 6.1 degrees on the Richter scale and was west of Kissamos.

Specifically the focus is recorded 48 km northwest of Platanos, Kissamos with a focal depth of 80 km.

The earthquake caused great discomfort to the inhabitants not only of Chania but also of other areas of Crete, as it was very severe both in intensity and duration that lasted many seconds.

So far, the services have not received a call for damage or problems from the earthquake, neither in Kissamos nor in Chania. However, the Chania Fire Department will keep its vehicles on alert.

Philippe Vallianatos, professor of geophysics at Kapodistrian University of Athens, told Flashnews.gr that the seismic vibration was of intermediate depth and was therefore long-lasting and felt to a large extent.

Mr. Valianatos also estimated that there would be no significant post-seismic sequence.

From: https://flashnews.gr/post/408778/poly-d ... -toso-poly

According to Haniotika Nea, the vibration became particularly noticeable in Chania and people immediately took to the streets.


The seismographer of the Museum of Natural History of Crete, geologist Charalambos Fasoulas states:

"The earthquake (55 km) deep seems to be near the boundary of the two plates and so we might have to wait for some aftershocks. Surely we still have to wait a few more hours to see how it will turn out."
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