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New airport in Kastelli ready by 2023

by Erno » 13 Mar 2018, 14:40

New airport in Kastelli ready by 2023 - 13 March, 2018


In autumn the construction of the new Heraklion Airport, with a budget of 480 million euros, will start.

The project, according to the tender notice, will last 5 years in order to start operating the new airport in the summer of 2023, replacing the current, overcrowded airport "N. Kazantzakis" located within the urban area of the city of Heraklion

In the autumn, the major construction and operation of the new airport in Kastelli, Heraklion is expected to begin after the new extension until 30 March for the completion of the concession contract signed by the State with the TERNA - GMR consortium.

The contract will be signed by Ariadne Airport Group, which includes TERNA and Indian GMR Airports Limited (10%). This particular consortium also submitted the unique bid for the project, amounting to € 480 million, much lower than the € 850 million budget foreseen by the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Based on the consortium's design, the project's financial model does not include borrowing from the European Investment Bank (EIB) or other entities. Thus the State will have an increased percentage share (46%) in the airport management company and a reduced financial contribution of 40 million.

According to the above offer, the Greek State will begin to receive dividends from the first year of operation of the airport, while there will be no burden on public debt, a major factor for the country's finances. Airport charges will start at around EUR 20 and will be limited to EUR 17 per passenger.

The scope of the project includes the study, construction, financing, operation, maintenance and operation of the new international airport in Kasteli Pediados within the Regional Unity of Heraklion, Crete, consisting of all the necessary research, studies, constructions, systems and equipment for the operation of the New Airport, which will replace the current operating airport of Heraklion in the area of Alikarnassos.

The new airport of Kastelli is located next to the military airport in Kastelli Pediados in the Prefecture of Heraklion and will operate alongside it. The airport will include an E-class runway, 3,200 meters long, a parallel runway to the 23-meter-wide A-class runway, with a provision for future construction and a second runway, three at least high-speed runways and two minimum connecting runways between the Airport and the Military Airport. There are also 27 parking spaces on the track, with autonomous approach and removal, storage and distribution of fuel tank within a basement (over 25 being the minimum number allowed in the proclamation), and nineteen passenger waiting rooms (compared to 12 which was the minimum number allowed in the proclamation).

Within the airport, there will also be a commercial use zone (equivalent to the one found in "El. Venizelos" in Athens) on an area of ​​10 acres.

At the Ministry of Infrastructure, they argue that "given that the project will be implemented through the concession contract system, this means for Crete a significant influx of private investment funds, with all the obvious developmental and economic impacts."

At the same time, "the construction of the new airport will make a decisive contribution to boosting employment, since around 1.000 direct jobs will be created during the construction period for five years, and 500 permanent jobs will be created during the airport operation. Also hundreds of new jobs will be created when commercial infrastructure and uses are developed".

Road access

The scope of the concession contract includes the design, construction and financing of the road access connections of the new airport of Kasteli to the northern and southern road axis of Crete, ie the new separate motorway (about 18 km long, two lanes per direction with a separated pavement ) to connect the new airport of Kastelli with the northern road axis of Crete in the area of ​​Hersonissos. The connection to the southern road axis of Crete is planned and constructed from the airport to the Heraklion - Arkalohori - Viannos axis. The road connection (about 6 km long, cross-section of a lane per direction with a multipurpose strip without a separated road) is being planned.

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