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New burglary in church in Sfakia

by Erno » 14 Jun 2018, 14:15

New burglary in church in Sfakia - 14 June, 2018

Agia Zonis

The burglary took place in the church of the Agia Zonis monastery in Nomikiana, while the new incident is only a few days from the barrage of thefts in the churches of Sfakia, where unknown people during one night broke in unchallenged in 10 churches, which makes the police to appreciate that it is by the same perpetrators.

The priest of the church, Father Joseph, appeared particularly troubled as he said "nothing seems to stop the perpetrators" who managed to open the central entrance of the church that has a security door.

After they entered the church and did not find money in the bureau, they went to the office by breaking the security door, where they found a bag in which "tamata" [offerings] of believers, such as golden crosses, rings and other valuables, were kept.

The burglary took place at night as Father Joseph left the church at 8 in the evening of Wednesday and returned today at 6 o'clock at dawn to face the raided church.

He immediately alerted the police authorities who rushed to the church to investigate the area, looking for traces of the perpetrators that might lead to their detection and arrest.

The police authorities and priests are alarmed by the successive blows of the unidentified ones who clearly show that they have put the churches in the eye looking for objects of value.

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