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Dramatic increase of tax on raki

by Erno » 17 May 2018, 14:37

Dramatic increase of tax on raki - 17 May, 2018


The Secretary of Nea Demokratia of Heraklion, Mr. Lefteris Avgenakis, with his parliamentary intervention to the Minister of Rural Development and Food Mr. Evangelos Apostolou, calls the tax increase on raki [tsikoudia] dramatic.

The question is that: "Tsikoudia is an important local product of our island, not only for the primary production sector and export activity of the country, but, at the same time, it is inextricably linked to the tradition, culture and customs of our country . The production of tsikoudia in Crete has a tradition of centuries, a tradition related to the Cretan life and all aspects of our life and is one of the most popular Greek alcoholic beverages of geographical indication.

However, lately, the announcements of the political leadership of the Ministry of Rural Development cause turmoil and cause concern to producers. More specifically, the competent Minister Apostolou, in his recent statements, announced that "... the Special Consumption Tax on tsikoudia, from 0.55 euro today, will reach 6 euros per liter ..." . The increase in excise duty on tsikoudia, and indeed at 12 times the current tax, will significantly increase the price of tsikoudia and will dramatically burden small producers.

At the same time, the Government does not present a plan to tackle the tax evasion caused by the illegal production and sale of tsikoudia. The government, in an effort to fill its incompetence and weaknesses in reducing the black economy, increases the tax burden on law-abiding citizens who legally produce and market tsikoudia.

The 6 euros per liter, in essence, puts Greek bottled drinks of geographical origin out of competition, from other alcoholic beverages, but those are chemical and not from grape distillation. This situation is burdened by some 230,000 wine growers across the territory, since they now feel that they will become a victim of traders who will demand an even greater reduction in grape prices in order to bridge the gap from high taxes. At the same time, there are fears that export activity will be abruptly stopped due to excessive taxation. [...]

From: http://flashnews.gr/post/353149/l-aygen ... -tsikoydia
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