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Woman drowned at a beach in Frangokastello

by Erno » 13 Sep 2017, 15:21

Woman drowned at a beach in Frangokastello - 13 September, 2017


Panic was caused at noon today at a beach in Sfakia, in the Frangokastello area, when other bathers saw a woman being covered by a wave and got lost in the sea.

Eventually, the 56-years-old from France was recovered from the water on the beach being unconscious, so the doctors rushed in from the Regional Hospital of Sfakia, who were constantly trying to bring her back with resuscitation.

Then there was an ambulance of the EKAB to transfer the 56-years-old to the Rethymnon Hospital, but the unfortunate woman did not manage to stay alive.

From: http://flashnews.gr/post/324926/nekrh-g ... kokastello
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