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Entrance to Samaria Gorge "lost"

by Erno » 11 Jan 2020, 15:55

Entrance to Samaria Gorge "lost" - 11 January, 2020


Incredible and beautiful are the images that have been seen by those who went today - walking, of course - to the northern entrance of the Samaria Gorge.

The wooden staircase "Xyloskalo" in Omalos is covered by large volumes of snow that are estimated to exceed two meters.

From the White Mountains Information Center of the National Park to the other buildings there, the car park and the railings have been lost under the snow.

Look: at the left the "normal" entrance building in snow, and to the right as it is today:


It should be noted that the machines that make the road clearing continued today, and the following photo is characteristic of the amount of snow that covered the area:


From: https://flashnews.gr/post/413193/omalos ... arias-fwto
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