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A woman fell into a 2.5-meter deep sewer in Imbros, Sfakia

by Erno » 05 Nov 2019, 11:10

A woman fell into a 2.5-meter deep sewer in Imbros, Sfakia - 4 November, 2019


An incredible incident occurred last Friday in Imbros, Sfakioa when a woman tripped and fell into a 2.5 meter deep sewer manhole.

It was around 8pm when a woman, coming from Chania and leaving for Anopoli in Sfakia, decided to park her car in Imbros in order to rest before continuing her trip.

The driver stopped shortly after the last houses in the area before a short turn, where there is a small coffee shop across the street. She got off her vehicle, went to the side of the road and suddenly found herself 2.5 meters below the ground. Not realizing it, and as she walked, she fell into an open sewer manhole, which was covered with a small granite manhole cover, which was not fully closed, and literally was swallowed by the manhole.

The driver managed to get out of the sewer by herself and then visited the Sfakia Health Center, as she was in severe pain. There he was informed that her tailbone had broken.

The following days, she spoke on the phone with the District Department, informing them of the incident, her injury but also of the open sewer which is a public hazard and officials informed her that they were aware of the situation but that the open sewer is outside the settlement. It is not covered properly as it will be difficult to clean the sewer afterwards.

She herself reported the incident to flashnews.gr and draws attention to those who pass by this point, being prepared as they can be found beneath the earth at all times.

PS If a little kid falls while playing, what will happen in the manhole? Who will take responsibility?

From: https://flashnews.gr/post/406635/gynaik ... sthn-impro
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