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Sfakia report, Nov 4 – weather, Frangokastello

by Jean » 04 Nov 2019, 20:17

After light rain this morning, it got very warm (25C) and humid, and was mainly cloudy with some stretches of sunshine. We drove to Frangokastello for a tourist-free swim there.

There were signs of substantial rain overnight. Beyond Komitades, some mud and stones had washed onto the road surface. Workers are currently installing cement curbing to channel water and soil away from the road along that entire stretch (there was a lot of flooding and mud there in the early spring).

curbing work.jpg

Below the fort in Frangokastello was a large pond, probably a mixture of fresh and sea water, where usually there is just a trickle of water this time of year. A few sunbeds and umbrellas were left on the beach, but otherwise it was empty. The sun came out to warm us up after our swim.

empty beach.jpg
pool below castle.jpg

We drove back to Sfakia via Kapsodasos. The road up to Kalikratis was blocked by men collecting olives from a tree next to the road at the junction. Olive nets have been spread under the trees everywhere now in anticipation of a very good harvest.

gathering olives.jpg

The evening stayed warm, but dense clouds were massing to the west. The sun slid under them into the sea, and reflected light bathed the new harbour. During dinner there was lightning out to sea accompanied by thunder, and eventually rain fell here for about a quarter of an hour. We will probably get more rain later.

sunset under rain clouds.jpg
reflected sunset .jpg

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