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Heraklion airport getting ready for the new season

by Erno » 17 Mar 2019, 11:08

Heraklion airport getting ready for the new season - 17 March, 2019


The first charter flight of the summer season is scheduled for 29 March from Germany, but due to the winter tourism program, the airport has increased traffic throughout the season. Indeed, in February, more than 100,000 passengers traveled to and from Heraklion airport.

Airport operator Giorgos Pliakas said: "The first charter flights of the new season start at the end of March and the traffic is increasing from April.

For example, on 6 April, 55 flights are scheduled and 80 flights on the 27th of April".

Mr. Pliakas noted that there are some interventions for the better operation of the airport and the service to the passengers, noting that Nikos Kazantzakis airport is connected to the airports of more than 100 cities in 43 countries. [...]

From: https://flashnews.gr/post/383413/aerodr ... i-43-xwres
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Re: Heraklion airport getting ready for the new season

by simon-1978 » 18 Mar 2019, 06:13

We have used the "new" = refurbished airport already and I really wonder where they want to place the passengers. There is now less space (with regards to seats) than before and the whole area with the gates has become very confusing: The exits to the busses are now in the centre and not towards towards the landing field. I really look forward to using Iraklion airport during the season... ;-)

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