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Walking from Sougia up the Lissos Gorge

by Folkert » 30 Apr 2017, 11:52

Dear all,

I would like to pick up an old thread (see http://www.sfakia-crete-forum.com/read. ... w#msg-3020) in which paths from Sougia to Rodovani are discussed. Last year (2016) early June I walked up the Lissos Gorge together with my wife. I had planned to take the western route to Agios Georgios but found a very well marked path (red dots) on the eastside of the gorge going up to Seladhia. From there on we wanted to walk back to Sougia (southeasterly direction). This paths is on the Anavasi 11.13 map. We could not find any marks until shortly before the Agia Irini church. I would like to try again this year and have the following questions. Does anybody have information on
- the start of this track on the Seladhia plateau;
- the path from the Lissos gorge to Agios Georgos.
Another question. From the Agios Georgios church there is a path to the west and then southward to the Agios Pavlos church. According to the map this road stops shortly before the church. Does anybody know whether it is possible to proceed to the church. This would make it possible to continue to Koukoula and then back to Sougia via Lissos.

Thanks in advance and best regards


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Re: Walking from Sougia up the Lissos Gorge

by jimb » 30 Apr 2017, 16:45

Hello Folkert.
I walked all or some of the routes that you are asking about in 2015.
I tried to follow the route from Agia Eirini to Seladha as marked on the Anavasi map. From Agia Eirini the route started OK and there were little cairns to mark the route and maybe the odd red dot. However I either missed the all important cairn or they just ran out and although I searched around and followed which might have just have been animal tracks in the hope that I would pick up on the proper path again, but I could not find it and in the end gave up and re-traced my steps back to the church. I suppose I could have worked my way up to the 530m top but wading through all that vegetation which is designed by creation to cut you to shreds. No thanks.

Lissos to Agios Georgios. When I was there, this west side of the Lissos gorge up to Agios Georgios had been burned, probably in the previous year. All the scrubby vegetation was gone and the only thing growing (or dying off for the end of spring) was that tall flower with the green leaves and the root like a large onion. Apart from that it was bare brown earth. I soon lost the path after coming up out of the gorge as there were no dots or cairns of stones to be seen or no indication of where a path might run. I contoured over the slope looking for it and then decided to work may way up the slope to the white church I could see above me. Just before the church I came against a goat fence which appeared to come from the south along the slope of Tsarkou and run in the direction of the Lissos Gorge towards the track which was below me.

I will say at this point that the map has Agios Georgios in the wrong position. it is to the west of its map position an is within that little loop where the text is.
I can remember facing the church and standing on the "wrong side" of the fence and seeing the track below and to the north of me. If you look at Google earth, you will see the position of the church and you will see what I mean.
I was unable to get over or through the fence and followed it north running alongside the road until the fence crossed the road where there was a gap for the road and I walked back up to Agios Georgios.

To Agios Pavlos. There was no problem here, when the track ran out, it was just a matter of picking the right line across and down the slope and getting to the church.
The biggest problem for me was getting from the gorge to Agios Georgiois I either lost the path or it had disappeared with the fire and of course the goat fence . No path I can cope with, a fence is another matter.
If i was doing this again I would get to the end of the track and work up to Agios Georgios from there.


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Re: Walking from Sougia up the Lissos Gorge

by Folkert » 01 May 2017, 10:21

Hi Jim
thanks for the very detailed reply. I will try the western exit from the Lissos gorge, going up a bit farther north and then head for Agios Georgios. On the map there is a side-gorge going almost straight west. Hopefully it is passable.
Regarding the track from the Lissos gorge up to the Seladha plateau. I guess the marks for this track were made early 2016. They looked very fresh.
Best regards, Folkert

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Re: Walking from Sougia up the Lissos Gorge

by rambler » 05 May 2017, 21:37

Hello Folkert, I discussed with others about paths going east out of the Lissos (harbour )gorge. Have a look at it on the 'Old walks & Hikes forum, 2nd topic down. May be of some help .

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Re: Walking from Sougia up the Lissos Gorge

by Folkert » 06 May 2017, 20:55

Hi Dave. Thanks for your answer. The discussion you are referring to was actually my starting point. Last year I walked the route, marked green on the google map posted by Simon. It has very clear and fresh marks. The problems started when trying to find the way back. One way or another we managed to take the yellow route back to Sougia, however not without a lot of difficulties because we did not find any marks untill shortly before the purple track. I was wondering whether anybody knows whether the yellow route has marks, in particular at the start on the Seladha plain. Folkert

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