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Loutre to Agia Roumeli

by Spinx » 08 Sep 2017, 14:17

Hi, we will be in Sfakia for 2 weeks in October and wondered which of the following routes would be best:

Taxi from Hora Sfakia to Agia Ioannis then walk to Agios Pavlos beach and on to Agia Roumeli for ferry back to Hora Sfakia.

Ferry to Loutre from HS then E4 path to Agia Roumeli stopping at AP beach on way. Ferry back to HS as above.

All replies welcomed.


Huw and Sandra (Wales) [(0)]

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Re: Loutre to Agia Roumeli

by robo » 08 Sep 2017, 14:41

Did this a couple of years ago in October but the other way around. Walked down the Samaria gorge and stopped overnight in Agia Roumeli then walk the coastal path to Loutro the following day and caught the ferry to Sfakia. Beautiful walk with some stunning views but I have to say that I feel I've missed out on that section down the kalderimi from Agia Ioannis to Agios Pavlos - might just have to go and do it again :)


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Re: Loutre to Agia Roumeli

by Lennert » 09 Sep 2017, 19:08

Hi every one. Had the most beautiful walk Anopoli - Selouda - Ag Paulos - Agia Roumeli in May 2015. We left Anopoli around 8 am and arrived Agia Roumeli around 2 pm. Relaxing and eating in Roumeli for a couple of hours before going by the ferry to Chora Sfakion. What a daytrip still clearly in my mind. See photos below. Best regards from Lennert DK


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Re: Loutre to Agia Roumeli

by arnulf » 11 Sep 2017, 10:23


I would highly recommend the trip from A. Yoannis via Selloudha to A. Roumeli! The coastalwalk from Marmara to A. Roumeli is a bit boring, and there is no shadow until You reach the forest before A. Pavlos. The vieuws from and down Selloudha are fantastic!!

Have a nice trip!!!

Arnulf Sunde

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Re: Loutre to Agia Roumeli

by mike » 17 Sep 2017, 11:30

Ag Ioannis alternative is MUCH more scenic.

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