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Sfakia report, Oct 17th: Agia Marina beach; antikristo

by Jean » 18 Oct 2018, 05:44

It was a beautiful warm day although partly cloudy. Since the village beach has been quite busy lately we decided to drive down the coast to Agia Marina beach (below Skaloti), first diverting to Lakkoi for a quick look (first photo(, then stopping to watch some griffin vultures that were gliding along on the thermals.

Lakkoi beach.jpg

The first part of the beach at Agia Marina had quite a few sunbathers on it, so we walked around the headland to the longer stretch of beach, which has a taverna at each end. You can see Plakias in the distance, and the mountain where Preveli is, but it was all a bit hazy that day.

Agia Marina beach.jpg
Agia Marina, looking towards Plakias.jpg

After some refreshments, we had a swim – the sea is quite warm there. We then spent a long time collecting stones from along the shore – there are so many different colours and patterns on the pebbles at this beach.

The mountains above Skaloti provide a dramatic backdrop, with shadows playing across the ridges and gullies.

mountains above Skaloti.jpg

The carob trees are in bloom now, and we could smell their scent in the warm air as we walked back to the car. Lentisk trees (mastic) are full of small red fruits now.

carob blossom.jpg

On the return drive through Kapsodasos, we stopped outside the Viglis taverna because they were cooking lamb by the road in the traditional antikristo manner. The lamb is quartered, then placed on a circular rack around a fire so that the meat roasts slowly (4-6 hours) from the heat of the flames rather than directly over the fire. Unfortunately, the lamb wasn’t ready while we were there.

antikristo lamb.jpg

More heather is coming into bloom along the road from Frangokastello to Sfakia.

The sunset back in Chora was gorgeous (see previous posting).

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Re: Sfakia report, Oct 17th: Agia Marina beach; antikristo

by arnulf » 18 Oct 2018, 07:18


Thank You for Your wonderful reports - again!

All the best


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