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Sfakia report, Oct 16th, Amoudi beach, biarum flowers

by Jean » 16 Oct 2018, 20:17

Today it was cloudy in the morning, but very calm, warm, and a bit humid. We could see black clouds over the mountains and assumed it was raining up there.

I walked over the headland to Amoudi beach starting from the new harbour, following the goat tracks. Some heather was in bloom at the top of the cliff above the church, and further on I found a lot of the strange little Biarum davisii in several places.

view from headland.jpg
Biarum davisii.jpg

There are still many tall white squills (Drimia maritima) in full bloom, but some are more advanced and their new leaves are shooting out from the large onion-like bulbs.

sea squill.jpg
sea squill close-up.jpg
sea squill leaves.jpg

I had Amoudi beach to myself for a long swim, then left when a family arrived from the north coast who were trying to escape the clouds and rain there.

Amoudi beach.jpg

The sun came out in the late afternoon, and it was a beautiful evening. But at sunset, like yesterday, a thin bank of clouds obscured the view of the sun setting in the sea.

Sfakia at night.jpg

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