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Sfakia report, October 10th

by Jean » 11 Oct 2018, 13:37

It got quite windy overnight, but Wednesday morning was sunny and calm, although it continued to be very windy down the coast to the east. Clouds gradually appeared over the mountains, making hiking more pleasant, and we were told that those who went up to Pachnes the past few days were above the clouds, with clear views.

In the morning several Egyptian vultures flew very low over the village and Vrisi beach, giving us great views of their white-barred underwings.

A group of us drove up to Agios Ioannis in the early afternoon to have a short walk. Just above the main parking area as you leave Chora Sfakion, there are now orange bollards as far as the petrol station to keep cars from parking on both sides of the narrow road, and they have also put some bollards on the bend where the footpath leaves for Sweetwater beach. The temperature dropped about 5 degrees on our way up.


We stopped briefly in Anopolis to look at flowers there (mainly the big colchicum), then headed for Alonia rooms in Agios Ioannis. At Alonia, there is now an outdoor oven, and a covered platform has appeared for activities (yoga, dancing?), with an oddly worded sign on the structure. Another Egyptian vulture circled above, with the sun catching its white back.

outdoor oven at Alonia.jpg
platform at Alonia.jpg

We walked down to Kakoporos from Alonia, and were surprised by how many small flowers are out this year (see separate flower report), presumably because of the recent rains. We also discovered a lot of what looked like field mushrooms, but none of the locals were able to tell us if these were edible or not later on.

The top of the path to Kakoporos after you enter the woods runs next to and sometimes merges with an old man-made water course, which is quite visible in many places and seems to stop at the large well, which was empty.

old water course and path.jpg

The stunning view from Kakoporos was clear enough to see the ferry going into Roumeli, and straight below us swimmers were visible off the shore by Agios Pavlos church. We sat there enjoying the panorama and the tranquility of the place, broken only by sound of the distant wind and some bird calls. There were a few more flowers (tiny narcissus) nearby, and we watched some griffin vultures ride the thermals above and below us.

view from Kakoporos.jpg
swimmers off Ag. Pavlos.jpg

On our way back, there was a truck-load of dried malotira outside the Anopoli rooms.


We arrived back in Chora Sfakion in time for a late swim, and an interesting pink sunset.
pink sunset.jpg
sunset close-up.jpg

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Re: Sfakia report, October 10th

by Erno » 11 Oct 2018, 14:24

Thanks Jean for your nice report and beautiful photos (tu)

The cryptic sign in the photo above is about this:

The DestiMED project brings together 13 Mediterranean protected areas to collectively develop, manage and promote ecotourism throughout the region.

June 1-6 / Samaria National Park (Greece): Follow the Landscape
Follow the contours of the White Mountains and the splendid Samaria Gorge on a 6-day journey of natural and cultural experiences. Discover untouched wild nature, authentic people with surprising stories, and flavors and aromas arising from the past, recalling a way of life more simple and free. You might even discover a new self along the way. Must have medium level of fitness for long hikes. Nearest airport: Chania or Heraklion.

From: http://medpan.org/interested-in-becomin ... m-package/

So the wooden structure is indeed possibly used for dancing or another cultural event.
All the best,

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