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Sfakia report, October 9th

by Jean » 09 Oct 2018, 16:01

Pete and I arrived in Sfakia on Sunday – it’s great to be back. Everyone seems fine, if a bit tired near the end of a busy season.

The weather yesterday was perfect, and the sea was warm. We were treated to a beautiful sunset.

Monday's sunset.jpg

The Big Blue Swim group is back, using this beautiful boat to travel along the coast for long swims every day.

big blue swim boat.jpg

Today started out warm and sunny. We down the coast to look at some old ruined churches with frescoes above Frangokastello, but as soon as we turned off the road to Comitades we encountered strong wind. We did continue on to look at the small churches (a very ruined one just below Patsianos, and the restored small church of Agios Elias beyond Kapsodasos), but we decided not to go further because of the wind.

ruined church below Patsianos.jpg
frescos in ruined church.jpg

fresco in Ag. Elias, above Frangokastello.jpg
in Ag Elias church.jpg

When we got back to Comitades, it started raining, and the sky was black over the mountains; there was light rain for about an hour in the village. This evening it has become breezy, but it’s still warm. We are hoping for another lovely sunset, as the sky is clear now.

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Re: Sfakia report, October 9th

by kiki » 11 Oct 2018, 09:05

Thanks for your beautiful fotos and report !

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