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More space at Chania airport - more aircraft?

by Erno » 24 Dec 2017, 13:25

More space at Chania airport - more aircraft? - 24 December, 2017

A new system that is expected to increase the number of aircraft that Chania Airport can accept is planned to be implemented by Fraport, the operator of Chania airport, in 2018.

According to press reports, this is the "pushback" system that allows aircraft to be moved backwards.


[In aviation, pushback is an airport procedure during which an aircraft is pushed backwards away from an airport gate by external power. Pushbacks are carried out by special, low-profile vehicles called pushback tractors or tugs.]

It is certainly positive that space will increase. But the issue is whether the companies that will be operating in Chania will grow because the signs after the departure of Ryanair tend to look in the opposite direction. [As announced earlier, Ryanair cancelled all flights from/to Chania airport from 17 November 2017 - 18 March, 2018]

However, according to press reports, the German company Fraport talks about increased interest in Chania, as the local tourist product is considered particularly attractive.

In any case, the landscape is expected to clear up in the next two months when the relevant agreements are closed.

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