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Storm and heavy rainfal expected in southwest Crete

by Erno » 18 Nov 2017, 09:57

Storm and heavy rainfal expected in southwest Crete - 18 November, 2017


The last forecast of the meteorologist speaks of a zone of instability with storms approaching from the west and south

More specifically, the meteorologist Manolis Lekkas reports:

"The expected movement of the Barometric low to the east of the country causes locally strong rains and intense storms.

In Crete, rain is already raging from Chania to Heraklion Prefecture, with the exception of Lasithi Prefecture. Rainfall is expected everywhere, with rains in the northern areas of the island up to 8 mm in some areas, while more rainfall is recorded in southern areas where up to 24 mm have been recorded in Spili, Rethymno.


At this time, however, a zone of instability accompanied by storms is very close to the west-southwest and south of Crete and is expected to affect these areas over the next few hours. Their land-based approach usually enhances their dynamic characteristics and yields heavy rainfall. According to recent forecasting data, the chances of rains and local storms are maintained until the Saturday night hours.

For Sunday, the weather is still turbulent with local rains at times, the winds turning from West to Southwest directions and gradually increasing, reaching up to 6 Bft, and the temperature will drop to lower levels.

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