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Emergency weather report also for Crete

by Erno » 15 Nov 2017, 14:27

Emergency weather report also for Crete - 15 November, 2017


Strong rains and storms will continue in the next few days, as the National Meteorological Service warns with an extraordinary weather report.

The phenomena will be accompanied locally by hailstorms and very strong winds.

The bad weather on Megara, Magoula and Mandra in Attica has so far cost seven 10 16 17 19 people's lives, with 6 3 who remain missing for the time being.

From Wednesday to Sunday severe weather events are expected to hit the Ionian Sea, the Peloponnese, Epirus, central Macedonia, the Sporades and even Crete.

From: http://flashnews.gr/post/332443/ektakto ... po-thn-emy
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