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Sfakia report, Nov 6-7

by Jean » 07 Nov 2017, 16:56

The weather has been much more stable this week so far, with mainly sunny and warm days, and little wind. Today was a three-swim day for me.

The businesses on the front have gradually been closing, cleaning and and storing all their stuff. Staff have been saying goodbye for the winter (or for good) and leaving for their own countries or other winter jobs. Now just the Delfini and Nikos restaurants are open, plus Markos & Niki’s bakery, Despina’s, the Faros cafe, Gorgia’s kantina and the bar in the plateia, and the back supermarket. Most of the front street is dark at night now, so the moon seems even brighter.

Sunday moonrise.jpg

This time of year it is always nice to see local people relaxing over a coffee or beer, with time to chat to their friends. I even saw two villagers swimming today. Some men have put their boats in the water and started fishing again. Giorgos from the Xenia has had good catches – today he hauled in an 18 kg mayiátiko (a kind of tunny).

Giorgos and fish.jpg

After the Daskalogiannis’ weekend break in its schedule, on Monday it restarted its engines (belching out a lot of smoke!) and took a good couple of dozen people on board for the trip to Loutro, Roumeli and Gavdos; fewer went on the shorter run today. But the rubbish truck came off the ferry this afternoon, so we all hope that they have cleared up the mountains of rubbish on Gavdos mentioned in other postings. And the old Gavdos cruise boat left for good today.

Daska starting engines.jpg
Old Gavdos cruise boat being returned.jpg

At lunchtime two helicopters appeared over the mountains and turned west along the coast – we have no idea what they were doing.

And this afternoon was the funeral of Sifis Kouri, in perfect weather and with a large number of family, friends and acquaintances in attendance.

The sunsets and sunrises have been beautiful. Wiltrud captured Sunday’s stunning colours, the moon still high in the sky at dawn on Monday, and that evening’s sunset with the ferry returning. Today I took the sun melting into the sea.

Sundays sunset.jpg
Monday moon set.jpg
Monday sunset with Daska.jpg
Tuesday's sunset.jpg

And now we are celebrating Peter's birthday at the Delfini restaurant...
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Re: Sfakia report, Nov 6-7

by Erno » 07 Nov 2017, 17:31

Thank you Jean and Wiltrud for the beautiful photos, and congratulations to Peter [8^] @--@
All the best,

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Re: Sfakia report, Nov 6-7

by rick » 08 Nov 2017, 15:12

Great photos you two, and report on the closing (as a tourist place) of the village for the season. Happy Birthday to Peter! :P @--@

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