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Sfakia report, Nov 5

by Jean » 05 Nov 2017, 20:39

Today was the wedding of Nikos Vodzakis (son of Pavlos and Maria) to a Vouvas woman, which took place at the historic Timios Stavros church in Komitades. Nikos is an air force pilot, so there was a military guard of honour bearing swords which the bride walked under. The church itself is very impressive inside, so this was a good opportunity to have a closer look at it.

Timios Stavros outside Kometades.jpg
church interior.jpg
guests assembling.jpg
waiting for the bride.jpg
the bride arriving.jpg
guard of honour.jpg

Sfakia was very quiet tonight since most people in the village were attending the reception in Vrisses.


Re: Sfakia report, Nov 5

by rick » 06 Nov 2017, 11:15

Lovely wedding. Interesting to see. Thanks!

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