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Polish tourist disappeared between Sougia and Chora Sfakion

Posted: 14 Apr 2019, 07:37
by Erno
Polish tourist disappeared between Sougia and Chora Sfakion - 14 April, 2019


Andrzej Weber arrived at Chania Airport on Saturday, 6 April and headed by public transport to the south of the prefecture of Chania for hiking. The last time he contacted his family, he was in Sougia and was meant to stay for a tour between Sougia and Chora Sfakion. He may have boarded a ferry boat to Gavdos between 9 and 10 April.

The last call to his family was made on Monday, 8 April, while Andrzej was due to return to Krakow on Saturday 13 April, but never boarded the flight leaving Chania Airport. His mobile is also turned off.


His daughter contacted the Police Station in Sfakia and Sunday she is expected to arrive in Chania looking for her father. The Polish Embassy has also been informed of the case.

The missing person is 64 years old, has a height of 1,94, is slim, and has pale gray hair, and gray-green eyes. He wore sports clothes and held a backpack with a tent, and sleeping bag.

A person in the familiar environment urges anyone in Chania who knows something to communicate by providing information that can help to locate the missing person.

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Edit: Researches and rescuers focus on the area of Selino and especially between Sougia and Agia Roumeli as there was information that the 64-years-old had been in the area.

So on the morning of Sunday, investigations on the E4 path began by two groups of rescuers.

One consists of men of the Anopoli/ Sfakia Firefighters, who started the route from Agia Roumeli and the other men of the Fire Brigade of Kantanos/ Selino and police officers who started from Sougia.

The two teams will meet in the middle of the path, hoping that the investigations will have a good outcome.

Re: Polish tourist disappeared between Sougia and Chora Sfakion

Posted: 14 Apr 2019, 18:51
by Erno
Camp site of the missing Pole found in Sfakia but unfortunately not the man - 14 April, 2019

Unfavorable investigations have been made as to the identification of Pole Andrzej Weber, whose traces have been lost since Tuesday, 9 April.

However, the rescuers who started a business of locating the missing person, today found the location with his personal belongings, but not himself.

The camp site was found at the exit of the Tripiti gorge on the beach, at the borders of Sfakia - Selino.

The investigations were stopped due to the falling evening and will start again tomorrow morning. However, three people from the rescue team stay there tonight in Tripiti.

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Re: Polish tourist disappeared between Sougia and Chora Sfakion

Posted: 15 Apr 2019, 08:38
by Erno
Anxiety about the fate of the 64-years-old Pole - 15 April, 2019


In the wider area of ​​the Tripiti gorge, the search and rescue teams are combing the scene for the 64-year-old Polish Andrzej Weber, who left his belongings on the beach of the gorge of Tripiti.

The investigations started from Monday morning 6 AM by a team of seven EMAK rescuers with a search dog, Anopoli and Kantanos firefighters, policemen and residents of the area, as well as a air drone.

In Chania there is also the daughter of the 64-years-old staying in hours of distress, especially after finding her father's camp site, and it is likely that the 64-years-old would have started to explore the gorge of Tripiti, which is particularly inconvenient and very dangerous for the unexperienced.

It should be noted that between Sougia and Agia Roumeli, besides the gorge of Tripiti, is also the gorge of Klados, which is the most dangerous gorge of Crete.

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More (with photos) about the Klados gorge: ... hhkan-pote

Re: Polish tourist disappeared between Sougia and Chora Sfakion

Posted: 15 Apr 2019, 16:54
by Erno
Unsuccessful search for the Pole for a second 24 hours - 15 April, 2019

Rescuers who searched the wider area for the second day failed to spot the unfortunate Pole who has not given a sign of life for a week.

We remind you that yesterday the rescuers found his tent at the exit of the Trypiti gorge, about 100 meters from the beach. All his personal items were found on the spot, such as boots, clothes, drugs, glasses, personal items, chargers, slippers, a nickel cup and dish, but his cell phone was not found.

The investigations have been stopped for today by the same groups of rescuers who have been looking for the Pole for two days. Tomorrow, the search will be continued by a team of rescuers consisting of the commander of the Anopoli Fire Brigade who participates in the investigations from the first day, as well as by a new team of EMAK and firefighters from the Vrises fire station. The investigations will begin again early in the morning in the area between Agia Roumeli and Tripiti gorge.

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Re: Polish tourist disappeared between Sougia and Chora Sfakion

Posted: 16 Apr 2019, 07:59
by agonigrami
9th and 10th of April the sea was rough and ferries stayed docked, as Jean reported. If the man adventured into the narrow passages with the rock formations east of Tripiti, maybe just to take some pictures with his phone, I would not be surprised that he has dragged out to sea.


Re: Polish tourist disappeared between Sougia and Chora Sfakion

Posted: 16 Apr 2019, 08:06
by Erno
The investigations for the missing Pole continue for the third day - 16 April, 2019


For the third 24 hours, investigations are launched to locate the Pole Andrzej Weber, whose traces are lost in the area of ​​the Trypiti gorge in Sfakia.

A team from the Vrises Fire Station and the Fire Brigade of Heraklion comb the area, while today the commander of the Anopoli Fire Rescue Brigade, Stavros Pimakis, who participates in the investigations from the first day, will cross a local trail that starts from Koustogerako and comes out into the gorge of Trypiti. This is a difficult path that has not been investigated to date.

Also, according to information, the port police will assist with surveys at sea.

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Re: Polish tourist disappeared between Sougia and Chora Sfakion

Posted: 16 Apr 2019, 18:56
by Erno
The 64-years-old Pole still not found - New facts about when he went to the gorge - 16 April, 2019

As a result, the current search for the 64-years-old Polish Andrzej Weber, whose traces have been lost since Monday, 8 April, in the area of ​​the E4 trail between Sougia and Agia Roumeli, has not been completed.


Early in the morning, EMAK's search and rescue teams, with a special dog, the Kantanos and Anopoli fire brigades, the police and the locals, continued the investigations without any effect.

In fact, the commander of the Anopoli fire brigade, Stavros Plimakis, along with a native, started from Koustogerako and entered the gorge of Tripiti, reaching late afternoon the exit of the gorge without finding a trace of the missing person.

Because there is the possibility that when he camped on the beach of the gorge, he wanted to swim, searches were made in the marine area also by the port police and with divers, but they were also fruitless.

Meanwhile, a new piece of information came in to add to the 64-years-old movements after Saturday April 6 when he went to Sougia.

In particular, tourists told the rescuers that the camp site of the missing person at Tripiti beach had been seen at the same spot on Tuesday, 9 April, when they had returned from there.

This testimony shows that Andrzej Weber leaving Sougia - possibly on Sunday - went straight on the E4 path to Agia Roumeli and camped on the beach of Trypiti.

There he got a mobile phone signal and so he contacted with his cell phone his family members on Monday 8 April, and then every trace was lost.

Although in the morning of Wednesday the three times 24-hours is completed, which is legally obligatory by the Survey Law, all rescue teams will continue on Wednesday, all day long to find the 64-years-old Pole.

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Re: Polish tourist disappeared between Sougia and Chora Sfakion

Posted: 17 Apr 2019, 14:45
by Erno
Helicopter sent to locate the missing Pole in Sfakia - 17 April, 2019


For the fourth day the search for the unfortunate Pole Andrzej Weber continues, the traces of whom have been lost in the area of ​​Tripiti. Surveys from land and sea have not been successful until this moment.

So the decision was made to get a helicopter that would "sweep" the area from the air.

At the same time, the efforts to locate the missing person from land, with a team of EMAK and firefighters from Vrysses, Chania and Anopoli, continue.

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Re: Polish tourist disappeared between Sougia and Chora Sfakion

Posted: 18 Apr 2019, 16:55
by Erno
No trace of the missing Pole - 18 April, 2019

Six firefighters continue to search - Team of Volunteer Formed

For the fifth day, investigations were carried out in the wider area of ​​Tripiti by the rescue officers in search of the 64-year-old Pole lost since 9 April.

Six people in total from the Anopoli Fire Brigade as well as the Fire Brigade of Kantanos are now "combing" the region hoping to locate Andrzej Weber. Unfortunately, so far, no trace of the same has been found.

It is noteworthy that, because of the shocking news of the Pole's disappearance and the anxieties of his own family, a volunteer team was formed of a mountain guide and a volunteer who decided to help in the search for 64-year-old. In this effort, also participated.

The team crossed the Trypiti gorge (to emphasize: the whole area has already been investigated by the rescuers) but unfortunately, after 7 hours and ending at the exit of the gorge, nothing was found to shed light on the case.


All that has been detected is a camp fire and food disposal about 7 kilometers inside the gorge.

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Re: Polish tourist disappeared between Sougia and Chora Sfakion

Posted: 20 Apr 2019, 07:52
by Erno
Volunteers only will continue seraching for the missing Pole - 20 April, 2019

Twelve days have passed since 64-years-old Andrzej Weber last contacted his family and since then his whereabouts were lost in the wider area of ​​the Trypiti gorge.

The daughter of a 64-years-old went to the Chania police station yesterday, as she has been in Sfakia since Tuesday to assist in her father's search.

Today, according to the information, and as she announces on social media, the official search will stop as the three times 24-hours period obliged by the State's Surveys Act ends, and will only continue by 15 volunteer residents of the region.

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