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Sfakia report, Oct 10-11

by Jean » 11 Oct 2017, 15:57

The weather is quite settled now – very sunny days with a welcome breeze, but some clouds building up in the mountains in the afternoon. Gavdos is clearly visable and seems closer.

The second Big Blue Swim group staying in Sfakia now have better conditions for their long coastal swims – on one of the recent windy days accompanied by big waves, the only reasonable place for them to train was in the old harbour.

coastal swimming trip.jpg

Yesterday I had to go to Chania, which was totally packed with tourists. I only discovered why on the bus coming back – there were two large cruise boats docked in Suda Bay, and all the passengers were spending the day looking around Chania.

There have been some beautiful sunsets lately, with a rich colours lingering on the horizon. Soon the sun will start setting in the sea rather than behind Loutro.

Monday's sunset.jpg
post-sunset colours.jpg

Last night there was a wonderful evening of music, food and dancing at Kapsodasos (in the foothills above Frangokastello) at the Viglis taverna. The musicians were Pericles Tsouganakis on the violin (rather than the lyre) and vocals, with two excellent laouto (lute) players and a percussionist. The audience consisted mostly of tourists, but many of them had studied Greek dancing and enjoyed displaying their skills to such brilliant live music. When the locals got up and danced, it was something altogether different!

Sfakian dancers.jpg

The rooms in Sfakia are still full, but the restaurants and beaches are a little less crowded, probably because there is now good weather on the north coast too. The taxi boats have been quite busy today ferrying people to the beaches and down the coast. And some sunbeams were just brought back from Sweetwater this evening.

perfect day.jpg
full Sweetwater boat.jpg
sunbeds coming back from sweetwater.jpg


Re: Sfakia report, Oct 10-11

by rick » 12 Oct 2017, 15:04

Marvelous photos and reporting. I'm enjoying your visit almost as much as you are.

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Re: Sfakia report, Oct 10-11

by Birgitta » 14 Oct 2017, 11:11

The sunset was beautiful!

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