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Help Protect Sfakia's Vultures

by langsten » 17 Jul 2017, 11:23

While we were in Loutro last month a friend of ours, a bird watcher, came for a first stay in Loutro. She found the region beautiful and was pleased to have her first sighting of a number of birds. She especially enjoyed watching the vultures soar over the escarpment behind Loutro, in part because vultures are rare, and threatened, in much of Europe.

In Crete the vulture population has declined since the 1980s. It turns out that “the use of poison baits for the extermination of stray-dogs and Ravens … poses the most serious threat to the vultures” in Crete ( ... hakis.html).

Just the other day our friend sent a link to a petition supporting a ban of the poison that poses a particular threat to vultures. There are alternatives to this poison that are not harmful to vultures.

For those who, like us and our friend, enjoy seeing the vultures soar above Sfakia, here is a link to the petition.

We hope you will consider signing it.


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Re: Help Protect Sfakia's Vultures

by Annelie » 23 Jul 2017, 04:26

Just a few days ago we hiked in Aradena decending from Livaniana. After walking a short distance towards Marmara we saw a dead vulture in the bushes. Very tragic and we was told that it probably got poisend. So sad!

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Re: Help Protect Sfakia's Vultures

by Erno » 23 Jul 2017, 09:37

Rescue of a vulture in Sfakia by sea - 23 July, 2017


A young vulture was found by bathers being in a cave for three days. The cave is accessible only by the sea and is located in Sfakia, next to the Daskalogiannis cave [between Vrissi and Ilingas beach]. Mr. Evangelos Dousis informed the volunteers of the EKPAZ [Hellenic Wildlife Care Center] late Friday afternoon 21/7. The volunteers from Chania, Babis Daskalakis and Yannis Hazirakis went directly to the spot. They swam 700 meters up to the cave under guidance of Mr. Dousis and they returned again swimming with the vulture! The animal was exhausted, dehydrated and has signs of poisoning.

Landing at Ilingas Beach, Sfakia.
All the best,


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